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Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse

  • Location: Dietikon, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 4000 m2 total
  • Living space : 60 m2 bis 200 m2 per house
  • Cubature: 1500 m3 bis 2200 m3 per house

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Earth House Estate Arni
Residential House Leuzinger

  • Location: Arni, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 824 m2
  • Living space : 213 m2
  • Cubature: 1640 m3

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Earth House Estate Arni
Residential House Pallavincini

  • Location: Arni, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 650 m2
  • Living space : 150 m2
  • Cubature: 1100 m3

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The house is situated on a steep slope facing south. Its many-stored construction, unusual for most of peter vetsch’s buildings, accommodates itself to the angular site. The integration of sculptures from the artist Bruno Weber, Spreitenbach, is striking. Pillars in the form of fabled animals support the arched ceiling construct-ion. The underside of the arches and domes with their integrated lighting is designed as heavenly vault spanning a marble-covered earth sphere.
The sprayed concrete construction is insulated with polyurethane foam and is not earth-covered, so that it still corresponds to the prototype of the Bühler house.
Residential House Dolder

  • Location: Widen, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 1200 m2
  • Living space : 240 m2
  • Cubature: 1600 m3

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The house is built on a southern slope on Höhenweg in Lostorf. The lot is bordered on the north by woods. The house is integrated into a hillslope. Since the view faces south, conditions are ideal. It is a two-story, one-family house with small separate apartment with basement. the basement holds the garage, storage rooms, and an air raid shelter. the ground floor, fully facing the view to the south, consists of the living area as well as separate apartment. Bedrooms are on the 2nd floor.
The basement is built conventionally. First and second floors are made of sprayed concrete und fully integrated into the hillslope towards the north. the house is earth-covered.
Residential House Guldimann

  • Location: Lostorf, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 1807 m2
  • Living space : 356 m2
  • Cubature: 2600 m3

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The earthhouse, is situated on a slope, surrounded by groves with apple trees. Big round windows give a view to the south. Interior- and exterior rooms are defined by harmonic curved forms.

The centre of the house is formed by a roofed patio with a reed pond, which has a natural overhead lighting.

The earthhouse is built with his backside into the slope and is on three sides open. The planted earth layer on the roof, about 1m thick, gives an exexcellent insulation, which is intensified by a layer of polyurethane foam. The exterior walls and the walls against earth are insulated with polyurethane foam too.

Residential House Walter-Andreas Müller

  • Location: Madetswil, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 1200 m2
  • Living space : 200 m2
  • Cubature: 1300 m3

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Residential House Schweizer

  • Location: Flurlingen, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 950 m2
  • Living space : 240 m2
  • Cubature: 1400 m3

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Positioned on the southern edge of dietikon, on a sloping piece of property with view of Zurich to the west. The dwelling is conceived as a free-standing one-family house, neither covered with earth nor integrated in the topography. The site’s slightly northern slope hinders topographical integration due to the lack of sunshine. The circular ground plan and dome-like form represent a prototype of the building model which Peter Vetsch then further developed and differentiated. It is a one-story building with a basement.
Conventional structural elements are still apparent. The wall partitions of the ground floor are still made of brick, and the exterior wall of prefabricated elements are arranged in a circle and filled with concrete. An armature jutting from the basement roof supports the wire basket which rests on the brick partition walls of the basement, and once covered with sprayed concrete, forms the exterior shell. The exterior insulation consists of a 7-10 cm layer sprayed polyurethane.
Residential House Bühler

  • Location: Dietikon, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 902 m2
  • Living space : 135 m2
  • Cubature: 1050 m3

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This house stands on a flat piece of property on a small rise at the edge of a residential neighbourhood surrounded by farmland. It is a two-story structure with a connecting corridor to a one-story pavillon and a garage. Kitchen, bath, winter garden and study are grouped around the central living room. A gallery on the upper floor forms a bridge to the bedroom area. The structure opens to the south. It is confined in the north, and provided with only the most necessary light shafts.
The basement has been built conventionally. The arches and dome werde done in sprayed concrete and insulated with a 7-10 cm thick sprayed polyurethane layer.
Residential House Dubler

  • Location: Waltenschwil, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 2500 m2
  • Living space : 320 m2
  • Cubature: 2800 m3

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The plan of this facility began with a simple modest playground whose run-down construction induced the city of dietikon to commission a completely new recreational area. The new project fulfils the demand for a suitable animal enclosure and optimal functioning. The activity rooms and stable are grouped around the playground in a protective angle, sheltering the neighbourhood from eventual noise with their earth-and-vegetation covered back sides.
The buildings themselves are constructed in sprayed concrete. The earth-covered parts of the construction are sown in field cover and form a natural whole with the playground, animal enclosures and park gardens.
Recreation Center Chrüzacher

  • Location: Dietikon, Switzerland
  • Size of lot : 7400 m2
  • Living space : 540 m2
  • Cubature: 4500 m3

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Residential House Schwab

  • Location: Giswil, Switzerland
  • Living space : 177 m2
  • Cubature: 920 m3


Sanctuary with bawns and administration rooms.
Sanctuary Pfullingen

  • Location: Pfullingen, Germany
  • Size of lot: 7400 m2
  • Living room: 540 m2
  • Cubature: 4500 m3

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